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         Apr  2015    Jup







India out of World Cup 2015. Let us analyse the heavenly causes !




Believe it or Not !

A Jupiterian Cycle is 12 years.

12 years back, India was drubbed by Australia in the 2003 WC. Jupiter was in Cancer, India's Janma then. Janma Guru is considered bad. ( Transit Jupiter in First  refers to many sorrows, nana dukham. Transit Saturn in the Fifth refers to fall from wealth and happiness, dhana sukha bhramsam ). 

Now also he is in Janma, First. And India received a similar drubbing.

In 2011, Jupiter was in India's Bhagya ( Ninth House ). I predicted that India will take the Cup, even before the WC games began. Five major planets were in the Ninth, in Bhagya, when India won the final ! With such positive data, one could easliy predict the outcome. Not now, as both Transit Jupiter and Saturn are adverse !

Moreover, 26th was  Mriga Sira, India's Death Star or Vadha Nakshatra. Lady Luck went against India. She lost the toss, bowling didnt click and collapsed after being 76/0.

Negativity should not be predicted and hence we did not predict anything negative. Any negative prediction can have negative psychological impact on the players. 

Let us take comfort in the fact that the stars were responsible for India's defeat. This thought will console us. Let us not blame anybody. Dhoni and Co are real heroes and they simply had a bad day.

Destroying TV sets out of anger and burning effigies is not good. We appeal to the people to maintain calm and equanimity. After all, we have not lost any war and this loss is not a national calamity.

The crowd can be unruly. One billion are watching you and if you fail, then people will throw not only stones, but tomatoes and potatoes.

I remember one incident during India's tour of England. Wadekar, the captain, disagreed with Prasanna ( who brought his wife along ). Prasanna, the best offspinner in the world then, was dropped and Venkat, another offspinner took his place. I was defending Prasanna, thinking that it was injustice to drop the best offspinner in the world. India beat England 1-0 and Wadekar became a hero.

Now I appreciate Wadekar who was strict and did not allow any flirtation. These young boys and girls do not know the consequences. You are before a one billion crowd. Win and you get laurels ! Lose and you get tomatoes, eggs, potatoes and stones ! 

Now I understand why the earlier captains and managers never permitted wives or girlfriends of cricketers to accompany them !

The best tweet yesterday was Sreesanth's. He said once the allegations against him are disproved, he will come back and be part of the winning 2019 team. Both he and Yuvraj were part of the Champions team, in both T20 and ODI !

There is a contrary perspective by Ram Gopal Varma, the Director. He said it is good that India lost, as people are shirking work and this game should be banned !




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